Lubbock Comic Book Expo 2012

What can I say?  It was the best possible “rookie” appearance I could have asked for.  I think the most amazing part of it all was the unexpected idea of having Jaiden share the table space with me at the show.  Originally I was suppose to share a larger table at the show with an old office buddy of mine, but it was a twist of fate that led to him not being able to attend.  Little did I know just how much fun was in store for what seem to be a last minute “unfortunate” circumstance.  It was the birthing of what is now officially the Dream Surfer Comics Team!  The show was a 2 day event back in April.  The first day I showed up with my “hot off the press” issue #1 of Dream Surfer Comics.  Grinning ear to ear and shuffling my way to what I thought would be the newbie spot in the corner, was actually a perfect spot toward the middle of the main walkway.  As I quickly setup my first ever table at a real-life comic show, I noticed that people were already making their way to the tables and sure enough….my first potential buyer!!

I really had no idea just how amazing the response would be to the question I would be asking all throughout the weekend, “Have you ever written your own comic story? (akward pause and slight grin as slightly confused potential customer stares into their fuzzy childhood) I jump back into the somewhat one-sided conversation, ” Well my 6 year old son did!…..and I illustrated it for him.”  The person standing at the table then grabs the now interesting comic so “gracefully” layed out on the table for them.  It was the crossing of a bridge into being a creator with an original creation that I owned ( and Jaiden ofcourse receiving royalties ) and people were now purchasing!!!  This was followed by me illustrating everything from ninja turtles for the ultimate ninja turtle fan, to a quick on the spot commissioned sketch of an X-Men character.  I also had the unexpected pleasure of sitting next to a class act in George Zepeda and his son, who were gracious enough to cover my table for me and even make a sale while I attempted to take my one break of the weekend.  I went back to my hotel to play with Joyce and the kids at the pool, but later that evening I was right back to finishing the colors on my sketchcards to sell the next day at the show.  I was pumped!  And the next day would be even better.

Day 2 was easily better than even Day 1.  Joyce and the boys were able to join me at the show and we setup Jaiden with his first official comic show nametag…he was official!  The next several hours were filled with Jaiden selling his first ever robot sketch and several to follow.  He became the hit of the show ( in my eyes) as other kids his age were in awe that across the table was someone close to their age who was a pro.  Half the time, Jaiden was so into what he was drawing that he didn’t even notice the parents and kids hovering over his table just waiting to get a glimpse at the boy wonder and his amazing comic!  Jaaron was also there, and loved handing out coloring pages of his characters to anyone no matter what their age.  Joyce took the boys to enjoy the rest of the show when their new found celebrity status became too much to handle.  I got to talk to some old friends from Lubbock at the show, as well as encourage some artists of all ages to do the same thing I was doing…following a dream.  I did take a few minutes when I had a chance to talk to some other artists at the show, and it was an excellent balance of styles, personalities and vendors.  I also made sure to take pictures of this epic moment in the Dream Surfer Team’s history.  Here’s to many more memories and the comic stories to follow.  Thanks again to everyone involved with the show and making it possible for people like me and my son to get our feet wet in the pool of destiny.  Thanks Rob!  Thanks Will! and the rest of the amazing West Texas Comic Crew.  Check out the news about the growing community and buzz behind the Lubbock Comic Scene.

Below is a gallery of pictures dedicated to some of the amazing people who supported our first ever Comic Show appearance!!  Thank you guys so much, and I hope to see you next year at the 2013 show!