My name’s Jason Shasteen and I am the owner and creator of Dream Surfer Studios!  I am a DFW-based illustrator, graphic designer and comic creator.  I’ve been a graphic designer for close to a decade now.  I have had the honor of working “in house” for a major educational company, a well known non-denominational church and a very established and respected promotional company as well.  I left my day job in 2011 to work from home full-time  and further concentrate on illustration, design and attending all sorts of art festivals and conventions.

Also, I have been illustrating since I could hold a pencil and cartooning has become a renewed passion of mine.  Over the past few years I have also rediscovered a love for comics and that has also sparked an interest in writing.  My work has included illustrating a variety of products from children’s books, to educational flash cards and even company webcomics.

Of course, not everything I create is a one man job.  I have an amazingly creative wife and two amazing boys to keep our studio full of fresh ideas and new sources of inspiration.  A part of the vision behind Dream Surfer Studios is that everything we create flows from our relationship as a family.  We do everything together!  So having a platform through different mediums to effect other families, communities and culture is all a part of what gives us a greater purpose.  We have a passion to inspire other families to realize their dreams and see their family legacy supernaturally transformed!

Do you have a vision for your business, ministry or even home that Dream Surfer Studios can help you with?  Don’t just dream about it, grab a dreamboard and let’s get surfing!